Commanders gift-wrap stud cornerback to fierce division rival

Nothing is off limits...
Adam Peters
Adam Peters / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems nothing is off the table for Adam Peters when it comes to making the moves he believes can help the franchise. After an imposing start to life as general manager, this was arguably his first transaction that was met with disapproval.

The Washington Commanders traded the No. 40 overall selection to one of their fierce division rivals. They secured a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles so Howie Roseman could take Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean - a highly touted prospect who was projected by many to be a first-round lock.

Commanders make first head-scratching move under Adam Peters

Just why the Commanders would do this is anyone's guess. Peters got a good return, but it's bemusing nonetheless. Now, the Eagles have seemingly solved their secondary issues with their first two selections of the 2024 NFL Draft.

It's unlikely Roseman would have tipped his hand to Peters about which prospect he was going up for. Whether this lack of inside knowledge changed his mind is anyone's guess, but it's certainly a different way to approach matters.

This came just a few short picks after the Commanders selected defensive lineman Johnny Newton at No. 36. Peters has a plan and knows what he's doing, but Roseman is also a master of regenerating his roster through the draft and struck with conviction to jump the queue for Cooper before there was a mini-run on corners.

In truth, this was deeply frustrating. The Commanders are in no position to give their NFC East adversaries a helping hand. Peters should also have been aware of how well adept Roseman is at playing the board.

We are still early in the process and there is plenty of drama to come. But much like all the moves made by the respected front office figure throughout his debut season as Washington's general manager, there needs to be a level of trust attached until further notice.

Will it turn out to be a masterstroke? Time will tell on that one.