Commanders News: Jack Del Rio, Josh Harris, Ron Rivera and changing times

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Jack Del Rio
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Ron Rivera to see out Commanders season?

Firing defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is another indicator that the pressure is on for head coach Ron Rivera. Many see the respected figure as a lame duck, which isn't surprising as Josh Harris' ownership group gets set to implement landmark changes in pursuit of getting the Washington Commanders back to the NFL's top table under their leadership.

All this move does is buy more time, one suspects. How much longer remains to be seen, but Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk stated via sources that Harris is willing to let Rivera see out the season unless things spiral completely out of control.

"Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the current sense within the organization is that new ownership believes [Ron] Rivera has done enough to deserve a chance to finish the season and receive a full evaluation. In situations like this, however, everything is subject to change. An embarrassing loss to the Dolphins at home next Sunday might accelerate the evaluation process — especially with a bye the following week. It feels as if major changes are coming for the Commanders in 2024. Whether the blatantly obvious tweet from Magic Johnson announcing the move comes between now and the end of the regular season or just after it ends feels like a technicality at this point."

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

This approach is in keeping with Harris' normally patient methods when it comes to running sports franchises. The problem centers around the lack of effort and confidence from the large majority of players right now.

Once that happens, there's no coming back. And Rivera will be the one to pay.