Commanders News: Jack Del Rio, Josh Harris, Ron Rivera and changing times

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Jack Del Rio
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Commanders will do things differently

Ron Rivera came out and faced the music after firing two prominent defensive staff members, including coordinator Jack Del Rio. It was a difficult decision for the normally loyal head coach, but there aren't many scapegoats left with his own job prospects hanging in the balance.

The Washington Commanders are one defeat away from their fourth-straight losing season under Rivera. When asked about the plan of attack moving forward, the head coach stated via SB Nation things are going to be done differently over the next five games in the hope their concerning plight can turn around.

"We’re going to be moving forward, going to do things a little differently. It was very tough, difficult decisions because those are two really good men, good football coaches, guys that have had a lot of success in this league. And just unfortunate the situation, circumstances, but did feel that change was something that we needed to do going forward. Well, more so anything else is, it’s one of those things that as you watch things happen and unfold, it was kind of that snowball, it just kind of started again. It just kept going and I was concerned and spent a lot of time last night and early this morning trying to go through this in my mind and just trying to figure out what else can be done, and it just seemed that shaking some things up made sense."

Ron Rivera via SB Nation

While a change in defensive play-caller could help, it doesn't change the fact this roster isn't stacked with quality. Even the most consistent players over recent years have regressed considerably, leaving morale at an all-time low.

Unless something drastically alters, it won't just be coaches on the chopping block.