Commanders news: Eric Bieniemy, Emmanuel Forbes, Bob Myers and swift action

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Bob Myers
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Bob Myers' potential Commanders vision

Hiring Bob Myers to assist with the upcoming interview process could be a masterstroke by the Washington Commanders. He's highly regarded in the sporting world. He played a leading role in molding the Golden State Warriors dynasty. He knows how to find the right people who can build a strong culture for sustainable success.

The Washington Commanders have been devoid of that for decades under the previous owner. The team's website gave us a glimpse into Myers' potential vision for the franchise. This centers on finding true leaders who can hold everybody accountable.

"You've got to respect each other. You've got to understand that some days, you don't have it. And your teammates need to pick you up. It's the houseguest that stays too long. Sometimes you just need space. And it's nobody's fault. You need to yell at each other; you have to tell each other how you're feeling. There's acrimony, there's division, there's everything. But as long as you don't break. You have to view it almost as like a family -- that no matter what happens, we're blood, and we're going to see it through. But that's a challenge, because you're really not blood, but you're as close as you can get, 'cause you're with each other all the time."

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Myers and Rick Spielman will be integral in the team's interviews, which are already underway. The Commanders have instantly become one of the more attractive destinations around the league despite increased competition. If the correct appointments are made, this vast rebuild might not take as long as originally anticipated.