Commanders news: Eric Bieniemy, Emmanuel Forbes, Bob Myers and swift action

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Bob Myers
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Travis Kelce bangs the table for Eric Bieniemy

The Washington Commanders have cast their net far and wide in pursuit of finding the right guy to replace recently fired head coach Ron Rivera. These interview requests haven't included Eric Bieniemy as yet. The respected play-caller has also been overlooked by other potential openings around the NFL for good measure.

It was an indifferent year for Bieniemy, who ruffled feathers from the moment he arrived in Washington. He's been spurned multiple times over recent years despite interviewing frequently. It seems as if the same scenario might be unfolding before our eyes.

When discussing the prospect of Bieniemy becoming Commanders head coach, Travis Kelce banged the table hard for his former offensive coordinator based on comments from his New Heights podcast via The Bleacher Report. Something the perennial All-Pro tight end believes is long overdue.

"Man, let's f---king go man. The Washington Fighting Bieniemy's, man. Give my guy a chance, man. … I think they should hire him. I mean, give my guy a chance. I think he proved that he can kind of come out from under the helm of coach [Andy] Reid. … I know EB. He gets the best out of everybody. He's one of the best coaches I've ever had. I think the Commanders should give him a chance."

Travis Kelce via The Bleacher Report

This would be a great story and a long time coming. Unfortunately for Bieniemy, the reality is a lot different. When it's all said and done, expect the Commanders to go in a different direction.