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Aligned vision can help Commanders' recruitment

Adam Peters made no secret of his desire to install an aligned vision across the Washington Commanders. This was seldom seen during Dan Snyder's ownership tenure. It had to change for this once-proud franchise to stand any chance of winning back a sense of respectability across the league.

Peters stated via the team's website that this doesn't just apply to the ethos. Having a common goal in mind and one clear direction is going to assist greatly during their recruitment throughout free agency and the NFL Draft. With several key needs to fill and plenty of resources available to the new general manager, this should be music to the ears of every fan.

"When you watch it on TV and you turn the volume down, you just see how fast and physical and aggressive you are on both sides of the ball, finishers. That type of style is what you're looking for. And whether it's 4-3, 3-4, however you want to talk, Wide Zone, any type of offense, it's finding those types of guys that…we want to bring in the building and people that love football who are going to give it all for us on the field."

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Knowing the schematic concepts and acquiring players who fit these demands might sound like a simple objective, but it's lost to some NFL teams. Peters is here to change all that and make the Commanders a force to be reckoned with once again.