Commanders news: Adam Peters, Ryan Kerrigan, Josh Harris and staffing

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Ryan Kerrigan
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Ryan Kerrigan's importance

Dan Quinn's arrival as head coach was always going to come with significant changes to the coaching staff. It was a period of necessary assessment and adaptation for the Washington Commanders after another disappointing campaign. Some coaches were deemed surplus to requirements. A select few will stick around to help smooth the transition.

Quarterbacks coach Tavita Pritchard and wide receivers coach Bobby Engram resisted alluring glances from elsewhere. Arguably the most popular move was retaining Ryan Kerrigan, the former Washington player who'll now take on the assistant linebackers coach/pass rush specialist role under Quinn and defensive coordinator Joe Whitt Jr.

This decision to keep Kerrigan on the staff has been universally well-received. Mike Fisher from Sports Illustrated also thought it was the perfect bridge move as the Commanders look to impose themselves as an NFL authority once again.

"Critics of the Washington Commanders often remind us that good times around here have been too few and far between. But good times might be on the horizon with the hiring of new coach Dan Quinn … and Quinn's decision to retain Ryan Kerrigan seems a wise "bridge" move back to the good times that once were."

Mike Fisher, Sports Illustrated

Having such a prolific coaching staff is great, but the Commanders need to find the right players to go along with this newfound ethos. This bears special significance to the pass-rushers Kerrigan will be working closely with after trading Montez Sweat and Chase Young before the 2023 deadline.