Commanders news: Adam Peters, Ryan Kerrigan, Josh Harris and staffing

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Ryan Kerrigan
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Commanders owner Josh Harris' reasoning

Many thought the Washington Commanders were forced to settle with Dan Quinn after two major reported curveballs. First, it was Ben Johnson informing them mid-flight that he wouldn't be attending their second scheduled interview. Then it was Mike Macdonald, who supposedly turned them down in favor of the Seattle Seahawks.

We'll never know for sure what occurred, although that won't stop people from speculating. Majority ownership partner Josh Harris brought a little extra insight into what transpired. He claimed Quinn was always high on their list of priorities and praised his blossoming relationship with general manager Adam Peters based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"Listen, we, uh, identified Dan very early. I mean, you heard a lot of it up there in terms of his ability to lead, to motivate. There’s a small, as he was talking, I was thinking about the small fraternity of players, the small fraternity of coaches and to be elite, you’ve got to track elite people. Right. And so his ability to track those people really stood out to us. So we identified him, and listen, there were a lot of qualified candidates who went through a very thorough process and, you know, we ended up with our guy."

Josh Harris via USA Today Sports

Peters and Harris were looking for a genuine leader of men to steer them through such a pivotal transition. Quinn has the credentials to be exactly that. However, the pressure is on to make a good impression in readiness for the 2024 campaign.