Commanders need to avoid this QB prospect at all costs after 2024 NFL Combine

The Commanders should be thinking bigger...
J.J. McCarthy
J.J. McCarthy / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters would be wise to avoid this quarterback prospect after the NFL Scouting Combine.

The Washington Commanders need a long-term plan at the quarterback position. It's been a constant series of failed draft picks, free-agent signings, and trades since Kirk Cousins left for the Minnesota Vikings. After an indifferent first season for Sam Howell in difficult circumstances, those in power would be well within their right to hit the reset button again.

Adding a veteran - including the possibility of bringing Cousins back - will be considered by those in power. However, the smart money is on Washington spending the No. 2 overall selection on their future franchise quarterback.

Nothing has been confirmed one way or another. General manager Adam Peters hasn't ruled anything out and will do anything he believes can improve the Commanders. This also includes the prospect of trading down for a king's ransom after holding discussions with other front-office leaders during the NFL Scouting Combine.

Commanders should not draft J.J. McCarthy in 2024

Speaking of what unfolded in Indianapolis, the Commanders would be wise to avoid any temptation regarding J.J. McCarthy. The national championship winner at Michigan's throwing performance didn't exactly leave jaws dropping. It is also why there was a clear reluctance from the previous Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh to put too many games in his hands.

McCarthy is coming across extremely well during interviews, according to reports. There's a level of intrigue about what he can bring to the table once he becomes part of a more expansive offensive scheme in the pros. But there are far too many red flags for the Commanders to bet their future on him from No. 2 or with a trade back.

Peters should be thinking bigger. While there are concerns about Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels in the event Caleb Williams goes to the Chicago Bears at No. 1 as anticipated, the upside with both prospects is far greater than someone like McCarthy.

After the consensus top three prospects decided not to participate in drills at the NFL Scouting Combine, McCarthy had a big chance to enhance his stock. There were some nice moments, but nowhere near enough to suggest he should be considered as a top 10 pick. Even though that's what he might become if another team is desperate enough.

There are evaluations to do and a lot of twists to come, one suspects. We should get a broader indication of Washington's landscape and that around the NFL after the first and second free-agent waves end. However, it would be a bombshell if the Commanders didn't still have a huge need at the quarterback position entering the draft. They also don't plan on picking this high again, which could be a tipping point when push comes to shove.

McCarthy could be good, I'm not writing him off by any stretch of the imagination. But considering the ambitious plans and vast assets available to the Commanders, they should look in a different direction with so many questions about his ability to transition successfully.

The Commanders can feel confident they've found the right general manager to lead them into a prosperous future. Peters knows how to successfully evaluate prospects. He's also looking for the right leader to take Washington forward.

That improves McCarthy's chances to a certain extent, but that does nothing to detract the doubts that make this an unrealistic option. The NFL Scouting Combine did nothing to alter that fact.