3 pros and cons of Commanders targeting Kirk Cousins in free agency

Could a reunion be on the cards?
Kirk Cousins
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What are some pros and cons of the Washington Commanders potentially going after veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins in free agency?

Most believe the Washington Commanders will take a quarterback at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. However, general manager Adam Peters is keen to keep all options on the table as he embarks on a substantial rebuilding process this offseason.

There is growing speculation linking the Commanders with Kirk Cousins. The veteran is set to hit free agency after a tremendous spell with the Minnesota Vikings. He's also no stranger to the DC area having been drafted by the organization.

Washington handled Cousins' contract poorly before his eventual departure after two straight franchise tags. With previous owner Dan Snyder no longer around, the former Michigan State college standout is rumored to be interested in a return to familiar surroundings.

Looking at all angles, here are three pros and cons of the Commanders signing Cousins in free agency.

Con No. 1

Kirk Cousins' injury problem

While Kirk Cousins' production remains among the league's most consistent, one cannot overlook his recent injury misfortune. A torn Achilles after eight games ended his campaign well ahead of time. While this isn't the crippling career complication it once was, there's just no telling what lingering effects it will have on the signal-caller at this late stage of his NFL journey.

Cousins is reportedly recovering well from the problem and could return in time for the 2024 regular-season opener. His style of play doesn't rely much on explosiveness, so there's a good chance of returning to form when medically cleared to resume football activities.

The Commanders should approach this cautiously if they decide to inquire about Cousins. But it could be a definitive con if there's an inkling of doubt when push comes to shove.