Commanders make their choice as Jayden Daniels' momentum surges

The Commanders are embarking on one of the most important drafts in franchise history.
Jayden Daniels
Jayden Daniels / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As it stands right now, the signs still point to Jayden Daniels being the Washington Commanders' pick at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. The dual-threat quarterback out of LSU is the overwhelming favorite among sportsbooks, which took another significant leap forward after reports surfaced about those in power finally coming to a consensus agreement.

Much has been made about Daniels wanting to play for the Las Vegas Raiders. He once again admitted as much during an appearance on ESPN's morning show Get Up. That said, the Heisman Trophy winner also declared that whichever team he ends up playing for, they'll receive his 100 percent commitment.

Daniels knows Antonio Pierce well from their time together at Arizona State. A mutual interest is there. The problem with that is Las Vegas doesn't have the second pick. That belongs to the Commanders, so if general manager Adam Peters feels like this is the guy who can lead a once-proud organization back to prosperity, he won't hesitate.

Commanders hold the cards and have made their choice

The signs in Vegas indicate this might be a foregone conclusion. Some still believe the pick will be Drake Maye, especially considering nothing official has emerged from within the building aside from they've come to an official agreement about which direction they're going to take.

After all, one doesn't have to look far under the new regime for evidence of how quickly perceptions can be altered.

Ben Johnson was the runaway favorite to be the team's head coach. While there was legitimate interest from those in power, nobody with close connections to the organization thought it was a done deal. As it turned out, the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator pulled out of the running whilst Washington's brass was mid-flight to his second interview.

Could something similar happen with Daniels? If he had a choice in the matter, sure.

But he doesn't.

Daniels going to the Commanders after Caleb Williams becomes the first prospect taken has gone from a strong possibility to almost a lock based on reports, odds, and momentum. Nothing will be set in stone until the big reveal, but Vegas is rarely wrong to this degree.

Once Daniels becomes Washington's signal-caller, the page should officially turn. There will be no more speculation, no cryptic social media posts from agents, and no more going over every piece of information with exaggeration. It'll be time to focus squarely on football and nothing else.

What a refreshing change of pace after the last few months.

From a fan perspective, any preconceived opinions they have about Daniels and the way he's gone about things throughout the evaluation process should be put to one side. He needs the full support of Washington's long-suffering support. He's not a messiah and there will be times of struggle, so getting behind him through the good times and the bad is the only way this monumental investment is going to pay dividends.

The Commanders have done enough research to suggest there should be a level of confidence attached to the pick. Daniels is arguably the most pro-ready signal-caller emerging from the college ranks this year and Washington's set things up nicely for their new man under center. But nothing is guaranteed where the draft is concerned.

Strap yourselves in. It promises to be a bumpy yet potentially profitable ride.