Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Decision time edition

The time for talk is almost over...
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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After an exhaustive few months, the 2024 NFL Draft is almost upon us. For the Washington Commanders, this is one of the most important selection processes in franchise history. Getting everything right is critical in pursuit of a brighter future.

Adam Peters has left an outstanding impression throughout his first few months as general manager. He's installed a level of professionalism where once there was nothing but chaos. The Commanders have filled key needs and put themselves in a strong position heading into the draft. If the new front-office leader can build on this positive early momentum, there's just no telling what this organization might be able to accomplish long term.

Of course, all the excitement centers on which quarterback the Commanders are going to take at No. 2 overall. Peters and his staff have gone through comprehensive assessments of the prospects in contention. Some haven't taken well to how they handled their 30 visits, but this was an unusual way to examine their true personalities rather than the typically robotic interview procedures. They cannot be faulted for thinking outside the box whatsoever.

Speculation and hot debates are raging. This is likely to continue right up until the big night, but Peters declared he's close to making a consensus agreement around which signal-caller is best placed to take the Commanders into an exciting new era.

The hard work doesn't stop there. Peters is armed with a bounty of assets over the remaining rounds. This provides Washington with an extra sense of freedom to be aggressive in pursuit of landing a preferred target if those in power feel like it's a risk worth taking. Something that only adds to the level of fascination.

Using the Pro Football Network simulator, we took a look at how the Commanders might approach their 2024 NFL Draft selections in our latest seven-round mock draft. This includes finding a franchise quarterback and a daring trade along the way.