Commanders' latest masterstroke makes Josh Harris' intentions clear

The Commanders are leaving no stone unturned.
Josh Harris
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The NFL is a salary-cap league from a playing personnel standpoint. But as we all know, there are no such financial restrictions placed on coaches or those within the front office. Something that Josh Harris has put to good use throughout an eventful offseason so far.

Given the Washington Commanders have languished in football poverty for so long thanks to Dan Snyder's reclusive approach and lack of investment, it's no surprise to see Harris change all that. He's also sparing no expense to get the right people in place to spearhead his exciting revolution.

Commanders make shrewd hire in Dave Gardi

The latest to raise eyebrows was the appointment of Dave Gardi, who becomes the team's senior vice president of football initiatives. That might not mean much, but the fact he's left his 21-year stint in the NFL league office - 10 of which were spent as senior vice president of football operations - represents a major statement of intent from the Commanders.

Gardi will be responsible for ensuring the Commanders are compliant with league protocols in addition to handling in-game management duties. He'll also keep everyone well-informed about officiating trends and any potential changes. Looking at his résumé, he is arguably the best possible candidate for such responsibilities.

This is something reflected by general manager Adam Peters, who's thrilled to be working with Gardi and confident he can flourish during this transition from the league side to Washington based on comments via the team's website.

"I'm excited to welcome Dave Gardi to the Washington Commanders. Dave has been one of the most highly regarded executives at the NFL League Office and is someone with an immense knowledge of the game. He will be an invaluable resource to our front office as we continue to usher in a new era of Washington Commanders football. It's my pleasure to welcome Dave and his family to the DMV."

Dan Quinn delved a little deeper into Gardi's qualities and how they can assist the Commanders moving forward. His knowledge of how best to prepare for game days will be an invaluable resource for the new head coach as he looks to maximize his second opportunity. It seems small, but this attention to detail is exactly what this once-proud organization has lacked.

"Dave Gardi is one of the brightest minds in our league when it comes to football operations. He will be an incredible resource to the coaching staff as we prepare and plan for game days. Dave brings a unique perspective to our organization after working with the League Office for two decades. His addition makes our organization better across the board. I am thrilled to welcome Dave and his family to the DMV."

Harris is looking to gain advantages in any way he can. Investing heavily in the football infrastructure with industry leaders in their respective specialties is something that could potentially give the Commanders an edge. Gardi wouldn't have left a high-ranking NFL office job for nothing - he thinks something special might be happening and has likely been paid handsomely to make the switch.

One couldn't have envisaged a staffing appointment like this when Snyder held power, that's for sure. It's another example that the Commanders are being perceived differently, which was always one of the primary objectives. It's been less than a year since Harris' ownership group took charge, but they're already well on their way.

The Commanders were on damage limitation over his first season as majority partner. Now, the time to implement his grand plans for progress has arrived. Gardi's hiring is another fine example of Harris wanting to cover every base with the best people.

The best thing for fans? Harris is just getting started.

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