Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Dreams come true edition

The Commanders are in a good position to speed up their rebuild...

Adisa Isaac
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Commanders draft Nazir Stackhouse

  • Defensive Tackle | Georgia Bulldogs
  • No. 138 overall

The Washington Commanders have invested a significant amount in their defensive front in recent years. Some high draft picks and lucrative contract extensions came to fruition. But it's been an indifferent season overall from the interior considering the lofty expectations on their shoulders.

Jonathan Allen's cut a forlorn figure amid another losing season. He might not be around under the new regime given his disillusion. Daron Payne's taken a step back after signing a bumper new deal to prevent him from leaving in 2023 free agency. Former second-round selection Phidarian Mathis has been a non-factor once again.

Investing more top draft assets in the position seems unlikely. However, adding a development project that could assist from a rotational role right out of the gate is something to consider.

Nazir Stackhouse is a formidable proposition to move from the point of attack. He thrives against the run, clogging up holes and standing his ground to make life extremely difficult for oncoming runners to gain any sort of momentum.

Stackhouse builds his success on leverage. He's everything the Commanders thought Mathis would be in that regard. While he won't offer much from a pure pass-rushing perspective, the Georgia prospect has no trouble pushing the pile with physicality and violence in equal measure.

Adding Stackhouse to a defensive front behind Allen and Payne could be worth its weight in gold.