Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Dreams come true edition

The Commanders are in a good position to speed up their rebuild...

Adisa Isaac
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Commanders draft Devontez Walker

  • Wide Receiver | North Carolina Tar Heels
  • No. 102 overall

As previously stated, the Washington Commanders could do with revamping their wide receiver room this offseason. Aside from Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel, nobody else has met expectations. Something that came as a surprise and made things difficult to find the cohesion needed on offense under Eric Bieniemy's guidance.

Jahan Dotson will get a reprieve as a first-round pick entering Year 3. Dyami Brown might not be so lucky after failing to increase his influence. The likes of Byron Pringle, Jamison Crowder, and Mitchell Tinsley could be moved on with little fanfare attached.

If an extension can't be worked out with Samuel, the need becomes more glaring. Either way, someone like Devontez Walker fits the mold of what the Commanders need to add a different dimension to their offense.

Walker is an outstanding playmaker who is a vertical threat downfield. He became Drake Maye's primary weapon during the campaign with North Carolina, bringing in 41 receptions for 699 receiving yards and seven touchdowns following his transfer from Kent State.

There is some work ahead for Walker in pursuit of enhancing his route tree. The prospect needs to become more influential between the numbers over intermediate routes given the physical scope he can call upon. But there's a lot to build off and having someone like McLaurin to lean on is only going to help if he was chosen by the Commanders.