9 potential replacements for Commanders head coach Ron Rivera in 2024

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Commanders could hire Press Taylor

If the Washington Commanders genuinely believe a bright offensive mind can get this franchise back to the NFL's top table, then examining Press Taylor's credentials closely could be worth its weight in gold. A product of the Philadelphia Eagles coaching tree that's seen many thrive in top jobs, he's currently spearheading the Jacksonville Jaguars offense to heights the franchise has seldom seen before.

Of course, Doug Pederson deserves praise since his introduction as head coach. But ignoring Taylor's contribution to mold everything around star quarterback Trevor Lawrence would be foolish.

The brother of Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor arrived at the Jaguars in 2022 as a trusted figure in Pederson's planning. This immediately started to bear fruit, with Jacksonville modernizing their offense to an extent that saw them reach the postseason in Year 1 of their coaching changes.

That looks like it's going to be the case once again this season. Taylor might not be the most high-profile candidate right now, but he's on the right trajectory to getting a head coaching gig somewhere down the line.

What the Commanders need to figure out is whether Taylor is ready to take on a challenge of this magnitude. One must also consider the prospect of a new general manager voicing his opinions to new ownership if Martin Mayhew is also let go in this scenario.