9 potential replacements for Commanders head coach Ron Rivera in 2024

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Commanders could hire Thomas Brown

The Carolina Panthers spared no expense when it came to forming a formidable coaching staff under Frank Reich during the offseason. However, it's been a complete disaster up to now and led to one major alteration at the bye week.

Reich confirmed last week that he'd handed off play-calling responsibilities to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown. This was universally well-received by the fanbase thanks to the coach's growing reputation as a future man at the helm.

Brown came through the coaching ranks at Georgia before becoming a trusted ally of Sean McVay's with the Los Angeles Rams. His previous experience working with tight ends provided a broader knowledge of offensive concepts and his leadership is something that's always gone down a storm among players.

If Brown capitalizes on this opportunity and gets Carolina's offense trending in the right direction under the guidance of rookie quarterback Bryce Young, it would be wise for the Washington Commanders to invite him in for an interview, That is, of course, if they thank Ron Rivera for his services and pay off the final year of his contract.

It's only a matter of time before Brown becomes a head coach. Interest would only grow if he thrives with newfound responsibilities over the Panthers' remaining 11 games, even if this might not be the flashiest hire when it's all said and done.