9 potential replacements for Commanders head coach Ron Rivera in 2024

The pressure is building on Ron Rivera...
Ron Rivera
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Commanders could hire Brian Johnson

As previously stated, the Washington Commanders might look at an offensive-minded head coach this time around. Getting an experienced figure like Ron Rivera into the building after he was fired by the Carolina Panthers gave the football side of things stability at an important time, but everything runs its course and it looks like the game might be passing the head coach by looking at how things are unfolding in 2023.

This would be a dark-horse candidate given his lack of experience, but Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson is another name to consider. It's taken time for the figure to adjust after previous offensive coordinator Shane Steichen left for the Indianapolis Colts, but things are starting to come together for an offense that looks like it could go on a deep postseason run once again.

Johnson is also a respected quarterback guru and deserves endless credit for Jalen Hurts' meteoric rise to superstardom. This might intrigue the Commanders given it would also weaken an NFC East rival in their long-awaited quest to enter postseason consideration themselves.

In truth, this might be a year too early for Johnson. But the Commanders are going to go bold with their next hire if Magic Johnson has anything to say about it, so it would be a surprise if they didn't at least examine his credentials a little closer and see how the coach might fit in Washington.