9 potential replacements for Commanders head coach Ron Rivera in 2024

The pressure is building on Ron Rivera...

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Commanders could hire Ben Johnson

Aside from the thumping they received at the Baltimore Ravens in Week 7, it's been a memorable campaign for the Detroit Lions so far. Something that will once again reignite interest in offensive coordinator Ben Johnson during the next head coaching cycle.

Johnson was a hot commodity after the 2022 campaign. After a few interviews, the progressive play-caller opted to stay in Detroit and see out another season under Dan Campbell when it seemed as if the smart money was pointing towards a well-deserved promotion.

While Johnson's loyalty should be commended, the chance to join the Washington Commanders under exciting new ownership and attempt to awaken a sleeping giant would be tough to turn down. That goes for anybody, in all honesty.

Josh Harris' ownership group was right to stand pat with Ron Rivera entering the season. Their sale was confirmed late in the preparation period, so sitting back and assessing represented the best course of action.

Now, it's clear that something's missing. Johnson would completely galvanize the organization and provide an offensive spark that's been sorely lacking throughout Rivera's tenure.

The Commanders wouldn't be alone in their quest to tempt Johnson away from the Lions if there was legitimate interest in this scenario. One would expect the play-caller to be high on the list of most teams who opt for change, so convincing the respected coach this is the place for him is the biggest challenge.