9 potential replacements for Commanders head coach Ron Rivera in 2024

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Commanders could hire Todd Monken

This is going to take some forward-thinking on the Washington Commanders' part if they opt to start fresh without Ron Rivera in 2024. It's a little out of left field, but Todd Monken's current career trajectory looks well on course to end with a head coaching gig in the not-too-distant future.

Monken's been around the coaching game for most of his life. His passing concepts with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came in for significant praise before moving to the college ranks, helping the Georgia Bulldogs secure back-to-back national championships in 2021 and 2022.

That was enough for the Baltimore Ravens to come calling and make Monken their new offensive coordinator. The results have been instant, with a dynamic scheme devised around the strengths of stud quarterback Lamar Jackson making the AFC North team among the league's most dangerous.

Monken might be older than some of the aforementioned candidates. However, few would argue he isn't deserving of such an opportunity. Whether that comes in 2024 or further down the road is debatable, but if the Ravens' offense continues its current spell of dominance throughout the campaign, there should be a ton of interest in his services.

Simply put, there are far worse avenues the Commanders could go down. Monken has the innovative ideas and the coaching experience to back them up, making him an enticing proposition for any franchise looking for inspiration.