9 harsh Commanders reality checks after Week 7 drubbing at the NY Giants

It's time to face some harsh realities...
Terry McLaurin
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Commanders draft strategy needs a shake-up

After a couple of very productive draft classes early in his tenure, Ron Rivera - and whoever has been serving as general manager - has had a much tougher go of it lately. The 2023 draft class has contributed almost nothing to the team this year.

With the regression of 2022 first-round wide receiver Jahan Dotson, last year’s class is looking a lot less attractive. This is something that will no doubt play a role in whether Josh Harris' ownership group implements changes or moves forward with Rivera at the helm.

Commanders' 2023 free agency was a disaster

The same applies to free-agent pick-ups.

In 2020, the Washington Commanders made a number of seemingly minor moves in free agency that bore great fruit. Players like Ronald Darby, Kevin Pierre Louis, and J.D. McKissic played valuable minutes for a division-winning team.

Since that profitable period of recruitment, the results have been continually less impressive. This year’s free-agent class - featuring three starters in Andrew Wylie, Nick Gates, and Cody Barton – may be the worst.

None of these players is performing at an above-average level. With no young offensive linemen or linebackers seeming able to step in thanks to the aforementioned failure to draft effectively from the college ranks, the Commanders look to be trapped in mediocrity until next season.

At the very least…