9 harsh Commanders reality checks after Week 7 drubbing at the NY Giants

It's time to face some harsh realities...
Terry McLaurin
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Commanders offense and Sam Howell need time

Sam Howell shows a great deal of potential. But it is difficult to ignore what has happened over the last four games.

After playing his best game of the year against the Philadelphia Eagles, his QBR has dropped by more than ten points in each successive game. That is an enormous regression.

QBR is a much better indicator of quarterback play than the traditional passer rating. If you need proof - Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson are top-10 signal-callers based on traditional ratings. Jalen Hurts is not. QBR corrects that inanity.

Howell’s QBR is currently in a tailspin. No need to panic, but he clearly needs to be coached up.

Let’s keep this in mind. Howell is a brand-new quarterback. Three-fifths of the offensive line is brand new. And the offensive coordinator is brand new. Building a quality offense takes time. It would be insane to panic at this point or to leap to any rash conclusions about either Howell or Eric Bieniemy.

Continuing the point/counterpoint, good news/bad news scenario, it’s hard to overlook the fact that this Washington Commanders offense - indeed this entire team - has had very uneven performances despite excellent health. The offense and defense that began the game against the New York Giants was missing just one projected starter - safety Darrick Forrest.

The offensive line has performed poorly despite excellent health. Unlike the Giants, who were playing without their top three tackles and starting center, the Commanders have had the same protection unit for most of this season.

They cannot blame injuries for their inconsistency.