9 harsh Commanders reality checks after Week 7 drubbing at the NY Giants

It's time to face some harsh realities...
Terry McLaurin
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Commanders have a surprisingly bright spot

Jamison Crowder was a good free-agent signee. Steven Sims Jr. and Dax Milne were not professional punt returners. DeAndre Carter was, but for some reason, the Washington Commanders did not attempt to re-sign him, spending comparable money on Alex Erickson, who languished on the practice squad.

Crowder, at least, is a pro. With the kick coverage units suspect, Tress Way beginning to show signs of age, and Joey Slye confirming that he simply cannot be relied on to make big kicks at crucial moments, the veteran may be the best thing these special teams have going for them.

Commanders are unlikely to fire Ron Rivera in-season

Ron Rivera is not going to be fired during the season. You can come up with a dozen reasons why he should be - but it isn’t happening. And even though I may agree with most of your reasons, it shouldn’t happen.

There is no one Washington could hire at this point who would have a positive impact on the team. The only realistic scenario would be to promote Eric Bieniemy, and that would put him in a very disadvantageous position.

If Josh Harris is going to promote Bieniemy, it would be much better to do it in the off-season. Rivera has managed to turn this team around in the past. Maybe he can do it again.

Even if he can’t, firing him mid-season solves nothing besides temporarily placating angry fans.

Commanders are struggling, but at least Dan Snyder isn't around

And to all those angry fans, here’s the biggest reality check of all. Dan Snyder no longer owns the Commanders.

They may struggle. They may play some more ugly games. They may or may not have their future quarterback and head coach in place, but all that will be worked out in time. Because Dan Snyder is no longer the owner.

Just keep that in mind. How much nicer is it to merely be having run-of-the-mill arguments over Andrew Wylie and Cody Barton - than wondering whether the franchise has systematically committed sexual assaults and built its management style on the twin pillars of paranoia and sychophancy?