9 dark horse candidates for the Commanders next head coach in 2024

Could these names be considered?
Deion Sanders
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Commanders could hire Kellen Moore

  • Offensive Coordinator | Los Angeles Chargers

Kellen Moore is the youngest guy on my list. He won’t even turn 36 years old until next Summer, which is pretty crazy considering he seems to have been around forever.

Until the end of last year, he was probably the hottest name out there - the next Sean McVay/Kyle Shanahan. Then something happened with the Dallas Cowboys and he left in what was deemed a mutual decision.

Until then, Moore had done a fine job as the Cowboys offensive coordinator for four years. He was an NFL quarterback himself, which should work in his favor when he eventually gets a top job somewhere.

As with Bobby Slowik, it might be too early for Moore. But I figure this - after coaching under Mike McCarthy and Brandon Staley, he should be extremely well-educated on what not to do as a head coach.

It might be a smart gamble to buy into the hype early. And as we've discussed previously, Josh Harris is known for going against the rain somewhat when it comes to coaching hires.

The Washington Commanders need their new ownership group to get their first head coaching decision right. That's not generally what happens in the NFL, but Harris' experience running other sports franchises should serve him well.

Or so we hope.