9 dark horse candidates for the Commanders next head coach in 2024

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Deion Sanders
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Commanders could hire Ryan Day

  • Head Coach | Ohio State University

Last year, Ryan Day was seventh on my list of possible coaching replacements for Ron Rivera. Now he is sixth, but it’s on the “dark horse” list.

That’s kind of like going from seventh in the FBS top 20 to sixth.

The bloom has come off the rose just a bit for Day. He has struggled to keep up with Jim Harbaugh at Michigan in my opinion, but I'm sure that others would disagree with his team sitting at No. 1 in the college football standings heading into this weekend's action.

Harbaugh, in case you were wondering, is not on my list. I don’t want him. He might be good for a year or two, but I don’t want him.

Day has some intrigue attached, that's for sure. He's got NFL experience coaching quarterbacks for both the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers. He has run a top-flight program at one of the biggest schools in the country and is responsible for molding plenty of current NFL stars currently making their way around the league.

He is 44 years old, which is an ideal age. Although he has a fierce temperament, Day doesn’t feel the need to show off how brilliant he is like some other younger coaches do. Raise your hand if you remember Chip Kelly.