7 Chiefs players that could reunite with Eric Bieniemy on the Commanders in 2023

Could more Eric Bieniemy associates find their way onto the Washington Commanders?
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Commanders could sign Kendall Blanton (TE)

Kendall Blanton is the most likely name on the list because he checks all the boxes. He plays a position that is overloaded in Kansas City, which means he will have a very hard time making the Chiefs' roster.

That position also happens to be rather thin on the Washington Commanders. And what’s more, he has already been here. Less than a year ago in fact.

True – Blanton was only here for one week before being released, but it was late in training camp and he was unlikely to make it. The fact that Washington already knows him – and the fact that Kansas City, with Eric Bieniemy running the offense, is the team that snapped him up – suggests this might be a good fit.

Blanton is a big, versatile tight end. He can block. He can catch. He does not have elite athleticism and he will not scare anyone as a receiver. But as a depth piece behind John Bates – who can also challenge him for playing time - might have some real value.

Plus, if you believe in trends, I think Blanton is the only player in the league who was part of the Super Bowl-winning team in each of the last two seasons. Karma never hurts.