7 Chiefs players that could reunite with Eric Bieniemy on the Commanders in 2023

Could more Eric Bieniemy associates find their way onto the Washington Commanders?
Eric Bieniemy
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Which current Kansas City Chiefs players could reunite with Eric Bieniemy on the Washington Commanders at some stage in 2023?

From the Commanders, Book of Resurrection:

"First will come Wylie, a harbinger of the great approaching tide. He will be followed in turn by Kemp and Pringle and Gore. All will play offense and all will be known to Bieniemy. But they may only be the beginning."

As of today, the Washington Commanders have four former players on offense who previously played for offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy on the Kansas City Chiefs. This is the 90-man roster, and I don’t expect these four to all be on the final 53.

Only projected starting right tackle Andrew Wylie is a lock. But I do think both wide receivers – Marcus Kemp and Byron Pringle - have excellent shots at taking the spots held by Cam Sims and Dax Milne last season. Derrick Gore has a major uphill climb at running back.

That will all work itself out in time. I think the more interesting question today is how many more former Chiefs will be signed by the Commanders before the 2023 season kicks off. When I look at Kansas City's current roster, I see seven different names that might be released, and if so, might draw interest from Bieniemy.

This phenomenon is nothing new.

One of the first moves George Allen made when he was hired as head coach back in 1971 was to trade pretty much every single draft pick to bring in six players he had coached with the Los Angeles Rams. He would bring in a couple more before he was done. Then, In 2002, Steve Spurrier signed five of his former Florida Gators – two quarterbacks and three wide receivers.

Results were mixed. Allen turned a long-time loser into a winner almost overnight and was in the Super Bowl a year later. Spurrier bulldozed any progress previous coach Marty Schottenheimer had made and set the franchise back at least a couple of years. He was gone after two bad seasons.

Whereas the defensive-minded Allen focused most of his moves on defense, and offensive guru Spurrier only brought in players on offense from Florida, the Commanders have thus far only signed ex-Chiefs who played on Bieniemy’s side of the ball. I expect that to continue.

So here, in order of likelihood, are seven current Chiefs who might be Commanders by midway through the 2023 season.