5 winners and losers from Commanders 2023 training camp Week 1

Chase Young
Chase Young / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Loser No. 2

Dan Snyder - Former Commanders owner

Surprised to see Dan Snyder's name here? Well, indulge me for just a moment.

Almost every training camp over the last two decades has seen diminished fan interest. Snyder's management of team affairs as owner and almost no genuine investment left many supporters past the point of despair, wondering when the light would emerge from the end of a very dark tunnel where the Washington Commanders are concerned.

If Snyder is watching things unfold during camp from his luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, it's with a case of what might have been had he put in more effort. He walked off with a little under $6 billion once his fine was paid, but one look at the galvanized energy in Ashburn is sure to leave him with a real sense of regret.

Josh Harris' ownership group has completely re-energized the organization. Higher standards are already evident and the collective weight of the team's shoulders is being felt from those higher up right down to Ron Rivera and his players.

Want to know how starved Commanders fans were of anything positive? Just take a look at the reaction to Washington's installation of new bleachers as evidence enough of how little Snyder cared about the Commanders.

A new era has dawned and Snyder's reign is already looking like a distant memory. Considering he was a fan before anything else, that'll sting most of all.