5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss vs. Bears in Week 5

There was a lot to unpack from this embarrassment.
Kendall Fuller and Darrick Forrest
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Commanders LBs

This is actually a relatively minor disappointment, but only because we have come to expect virtually nothing from this group. And against the Chicago Bears, they did virtually nothing yet again.

Jamin Davis got credited with three tackles and was invisible most of the time he was on the field. Cody Barton was not invisible - he led the team in tackles with eight - but he once again played a very poor game.

Tackling totals are tricky. Barton was credited with five solo tackles and three combined tackles. I actually had the number at four and four, but it doesn’t really matter.

Look at his solo tackles on runs. They came nine, 16, and 34 yards downfield. That’s an average of 20 yards per run. Had Khalil Herbert not gotten hurt, I expect we would have seen several more.

His one solo tackle on a pass play came 23 yards downfield.  And we all saw how helpless he was on Cole Kmet’s touchdown catch just before half-time.

Barton simply can’t get off blocks well enough to be a factor in the run game and seems to have totally lost his confidence in pass coverage. He needs to be replaced - I will have more on that in another day or two.

As for Davis, he should be rushing the quarterback on virtually every passing down.