5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss vs. Bears in Week 5

There was a lot to unpack from this embarrassment.

Kendall Fuller and Darrick Forrest
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Commanders preparation

The Washington Commanders have been outscored 87-44 in the first half of games this season. That’s close enough for me to call it two-to-one and it's a good sample size.

That’s atrocious, and it’s hard to absolve the coaching staff from blame. Whatever they are doing to prepare the team simply isn’t working.

It’s not as if the team is making sensational half-time adjustments either. They’ve also been outscored in the second half - just not by as titanic a margin.

After the Chicago Bears game, Washington has the unwanted distinction of a larger negative point differential than the Denver Broncos. And as we all know, Sean Payton's men lost one game by no fewer than 50 points against the Miami Dolphins.

Limited partner Magic Johnson decried the team’s lack of intensity early on. When an owner begins publicly doing that, it puts every coach and player on the hot seat.

They have 10 days off before facing another struggling team in the Atlanta Falcons. If the coaches don’t figure out a way to get this team starting fast, the season could be over before it ever really gets started.