5 winners and losers from the Commanders embarrassing loss vs. Bears in Week 5

The Commanders laid an egg with the entire NFL world watching...

Jack Del Rio
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Loser No. 3

Cody Barton - Commanders LB

I'm getting pretty tired of writing about subpar performances from Cody Barton. The free-agent signing has been a complete abomination through five weeks, displaying inept traits in key areas that leave a gaping hole at the defensive second level.

The Washington Commanders are struggling to contain the run despite displaying four-man fronts for the most part. Barton's lack of gap discipline and anticipation are primary factors behind his poor production, which is matched by indifferent closing speed to the point of attack in pursuit of the runner.

And as for his coverage capabilities? The less said about that, the better.

That is a dangerous combination and something that cannot continue. The Commanders aren't blessed with an abundance of options at the linebacker position after the unit was once again completely ignored by those in power this offseason, but how much worse could the likes of Khaleke Hudson or Jabril Cox be looking at how Barton is currently performing?

Washington's defense has been a major underachievement so far. Barton might be the worst of the bunch, so the player must raise his performance levels exponentially if Ron Rivera somehow overlooks the last five games and continues with the former third-round selection out of Utah.

Looking at his current form, that appears highly unlikely.