5 decisions the Commanders might regret after 2024 NFL Draft

Not every decision will work out...
Adam Peters
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Adam Peters did an outstanding job running his first NFL Draft with the Washington Commanders. This roster had a lot of holes, and if he didn’t patch all of them, he went a long way toward restocking with young, talented, and productive football players. Many of these guys should be cornerstones for the rebuilt franchise.

Still, he no doubt made some mistakes. Every general manager makes mistakes. Often, they make a lot of mistakes. The problem is that none of us know what those are. They only reveal themselves over the years.

We’re going to look at five draft day decisions that could come back to haunt the Commanders over time. But I’ll say right up front that I only disagree with one of the decisions Peters made. There is another about which I am iffy. That means that I was right there with him on three of these calls, even though they are admittedly risky and may not pan out.

That’s the beauty of the draft. From professional general managers to casual fans, we all think we are experts. And most of us, including those holding front office leadershippositions, are wrong an awful lot of the time.

Let's get to it.

Commanders chose a DT when excellent CBs were available

Johnny Newton - who the Washington Commanders selected early in the second round - will be an excellent defensive lineman who can fill multiple roles on defense. But this unit is in desperate need of a boundary cornerback and several very good prospects, including Kool-Aid McKinstry and Kamari Lassiter, were on the board at the time.

This is a classic coin flip. If Newton stuffs Jalen Hurts on a 4th-and-1 at the end of a game with the Philadelphia Eagles next year, we will all love this pick. If A.J. Brown cruises past Emmanuel Forbes on the way to a game-winning touchdown, we will all be punching the wall and saying the Commanders should have gone in a different direction.

It's a fine line.