4 mouth-watering clashes at Commanders training camp in 2023

Get your popcorn ready for these battles at Commanders training camp.
Emmanuel Forbes
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Sam Howell vs. Commanders defense

To say this is an important training camp for Sam Howell would be a major understatement. The quarterback is being given a substantial chance to become the Washington Commanders' long-term option under center, which is a big gamble from head coach Ron Rivera considering his own job prospects are on the line next season.

Howell looks the part and has quiet confidence around him. It's something of an unknown given there is just one NFL career start to go off, but with great risk comes great reward if everything goes better than anticipated.

The former fifth-round selection out of North Carolina has the weapons to do damage. There should also be improvements from the offensive line following an offseason revamp and Eric Bieniemy's presence is another thing working for the signal-caller.

It's been an encouraging start from Howell over early workouts. However, the tempo is going to ramp up considerably at training camp versus a Washington defense that should be among the league's best once again in 2023.

This is the preparation Howell needs leading into Week 1. He won't come up against many better defensive units during his first campaign as a starter, but gaining some added momentum in the coming weeks is of critical importance.

It won't be perfect - especially coming up against such a top-tier unit. But it's something that should help Howell ahead of increased responsibilities and expectations next time around.