4 easy wins for Josh Harris during early Commanders ownership tenure

- Win the crowd

- Extend two top performers

- Extend an olive branch

- Replace an eyesore

Josh Harris
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What easy wins could Josh Harris' ownership group get after their $6.05 billion purchase of the Washington Commanders got official NFL approval?

It was an occasion 24 years in the making. One that was littered with incredible joy, an outpouring of relief, and felt almost surreal for everyone associated with the Washington Commanders.

After months of rumors and speculation, Josh Harris and his team of investors finally got their $6.05 billion purchase confirmed by NFL owners on Thursday. The vote to approve was unanimous, ending Dan Snyder's disastrous stint at the helm and leaving the disgraced billionaire with a $60 million fine following the Mary Jo White report revelations.

Harris is under no illusions as to the size of the task awaiting him in Washington. He knows that being a fan isn't enough - it must be matched by hard work, sound decisions, and being present through the good times and the bad - something his predecessor never seemed to grasp.

That said, there are some easy wins Harris' ownership group can attain almost instantly. Here are three such examples.

Reach out to former Commanders' legends

Josh Harris' first official press conference on Friday will be an interesting one. It's a chance to set the tone and make his intentions clear right from the outset while also recognizing the need for a significant shift in approach following Dan Snyder's torrid reign spanning almost 25 years.

One thing that got completely lost under Snyder was the traditions that made this franchise such a juggernaut. Legendary figures turned the other way - refusing to assist in any capacity under the old regime - something that further highlighted the level of disenchantment that became synonymous with the organization in recent years.

If Harris had any sense, he would be getting the old guard back onside at the earliest possible opportunity. This increases the connection between the team and fans, makes previous cornerstones feel a sense of belonging, and can even inspire the current generation to emulate those that came before in a greater capacity.