Commanders News: Sale vote, Josh Harris, Dan Snyder and training camp

Examining the Commanders news and rumors from around the web following a monumental day.

Josh Harris
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Outgoing Commanders owner Dan Snyder ousted in disgrace

Almost immediately after news emerged about the Washington Commanders' sale getting the green light from other owners, the long-awaited Mary Jo White report relating to sexual misconduct and other irregularities became public. And the 23-page document was one final damning indictment on Dan Snyder.

The revelations were deeply concerning. Snyder kept $11 million in revenue back from the NFL and also sexually assaulted a staff worker, resulting in a $60 million fine before he heads off into the sunset with just under $6 billion in his pocket.

All these revelations situated in the report are cause for criminal investigations and charges in normal circumstances. And of course, Snyder was less than cooperative throughout the whole process based on the report's findings via Yahoo Sports.

"Snyder and the Commanders said they would cooperate, but Snyder refused to be interviewed for nearly a year, then declared he would speak for only an hour, not nearly enough time in such legal investigations. As you might expect, he denied everything. The Commanders also refused for several months to produce "critical documents" and claimed it was too burdensome to provide needed accounting records and documentation."

Ryan Young, Yahoo Sports

Even though Snyder has accumulated wealth that will last generations, his character traits mean this fine is going to taste like acid in his mouth. Especially considering how much the weasel attempted to slime his way out of this sticky situation by any means necessary.