4 Commanders UDFAs who could steal a roster spot in 2024

Chigozie Anusiem
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Adam Peters didn't rest on his laurels after an outstanding first NFL Draft as the Washington Commanders primary front-office decision-maker. There was also the small matter of undrafted free agency to navigate before concluding a successful week's work.

If the Commanders could unearth some gems from this undrafted class, it would help their rebuild considerably. There are countless examples throughout league history of those who failed to hear their name called during the draft going on to have prolific careers. The percentage isn't high, but opportunities are there if the right athletic profiles can be found.

Things are looking up for the Commanders, there's no getting away from that. Peters was looking to increase competition and raise standards during the draft. There was also an onus to identify leadership qualities and high athletic intangibles as part of his grand plans for sustained growth.

It'll be interesting to see how this class can establish themselves throughout the offseason. With this in mind, here are four undrafted free agents who could potentially steal a roster spot with the Commanders in 2024.

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint - Commanders WR

The Washington Commanders took advantage of an exceptionally deep wide receiver draft class by taking Luke McCaffrey at No. 100 overall. He projects to be a big slot receiver while developing further initially, but Adam Peters is confident there is more to come considering his quick growth after transferring from a quarterback in college.

Those in power also secured the services of Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint when the undrafted free-agent frenzy commenced. The prospect has an NFL-ready frame and is a physical outside presence, offering something different from what McCaffrey brings to the table.

Rosemy-Jacksaint has assured hands and is strong enough to get off press coverage with minimal fuss. He became a dependable target with the Georgia Bulldogs, although there is some work ahead to improve his route running during his early development.

If Rosemy-Jacksaint can take on coaching and gradually establish himself, a situation could emerge where the Commanders feel confident enough to sneak him onto the roster. Something that looks distinctly plausible considering how the likes of Dyami Brown have failed to meet expectations so far.