Commanders cap off sensational Day 2 with Luke McCaffrey at No. 100

The pick concluded a remarkable Day 2.
Luke McCaffrey
Luke McCaffrey / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders rounded off a dramatic Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft with the final selection of the third round. Adam Peters did a deal with the devil by moving down so the Philadelphia Eagles could take defensive back Cooper DeJean, but it was another profitable day overall for an organization that has the right man leading the football operation.

Peters has put on nothing short of a masterclass so far. He's taken some supremely gifted individuals and filled key needs. If people weren't looking at the Commanders differently before the draft began, they most certainly have altered their perceptions now.

Commanders draft Luke McCaffrey at No. 100

After a frantic second round that saw three potential difference-makers come into the organization, things died down a little in Round 3. The Commanders still got two more useful additions out of it, with Luke McCaffrey becoming their No. 100 overall selection.

This was the pick Washington acquired from the San Francisco 49ers for defensive end Chase Young. Peters was on the opposite side then, but he managed to put it to good use by taking one of the most intriguing prospects remaining on the board.

McCaffrey seems to fit the mold of the player Washington has sought throughout their first draft under Peters. He's athletic, intelligent, and knows how to complete his assignments. The Rice wide receiver is supremely agile and boasts a rich family NFL pedigree.

His father Ed was a prolific wide receiver. His brother Christian is one of the league's best dual-threat running backs. McCaffrey has a long way to go before reaching these heights, but he's still learning the position and could be scratching the surface of what he's truly capable of.

There is some development needed in terms of improving his route tree and learning how to manipulate opposing cornerbacks. But he could easily play a dynamic role on special teams while some kinks are ironed out during his early development.

This caps off a sensational Day 2 haul for Peters, who came into the Commanders with a glowing reputation and has lived up to expectations so far. He's played the drat board superbly, finding players that have the right on and off-field characteristics that can hopefully fit in seamlessly under new head coach Dan Quinn.

If the same trend continues on Day 3 and Peters can unearth some unheralded prospects who can become valuable pieces, there's just no telling what the Commanders might be able to accomplish under his guidance. McCaffrey is a small piece of the puzzle, but he's got the physical profile and intriguing traits capable of making a genuine impression as the offseason progresses.

What a day…