4 bold head coaching hires the Commanders could pursue in 2024

Could Josh Harris' ownership group go bold once Ron Rivera is gone?

Josh Harris
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Commanders could pursue Bill Belichick

If the Washington Commanders decide on a proven commodity rather than a progressive coordinator as their next head coach, then Bill Belichick's name will also come up in conversations. Some might not like it - especially when one considers how much he's struggled without quarterback Tom Brady - but nobody boasts his credentials when push comes to shove.

Belichick is an accomplished defensive mind. His old-school methods might be deemed out of touch by many, but he knows how to build around a franchise quarterback through decent playmakers, a sound offensive line, and a defense capable of picking up the slack when the offense isn't clicking.

This was the hallmark of Belchick's ethos when the New England Patriots became arguably the most prolific dynasty in NFL history. It's tailed off since, but a fresh start is something that might benefit the coach and the Commanders in this scenario.

One potential complication is the control Belichick has in New England. He's the head coach and general manager, which is a method that hasn't worked with Ron Rivera and something Josh Harris' ownership group might steer away from.

If Belichick is willing to primarily coach and work alongside a general manager, it's a different story. There is also the small matter of potentially giving up draft capital for a head coach under contract if Robert Kraft doesn't relieve the legendary figure of his duties.

But make no mistake, this is the sort of bold move Harris might be looking for in his quest to send shockwaves through the NFL.