4 bold head coaching hires the Commanders could pursue in 2024

Could Josh Harris' ownership group go bold once Ron Rivera is gone?

Josh Harris
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Commanders could pursue Jim Harbaugh

It wouldn't be a shock to see the Washington Commanders attempt to make a big splash for their first head coaching hire under Josh Harris' ownership group. They didn't pay $6.05 billion for the franchise to continue languishing among the bottom-feeders - they want success on the field to legitimize their ambitious plans away from the gridiron.

While many up-and-coming coordinators around the league will be considered, Harris could opt for someone with more experience. Someone with a proven track record of winning and building the right culture.

This is where the article goes from here on out. And it starts by examining the potential benefits of hiring Jim Harbaugh.

The current Michigan head coach is an acquired taste and is currently at war with the NCAA. However, Harbaugh's track record speaks for itself at the college level or in the NFL.

There's an itch and expectancy that Harbaugh will eventually return to the next level. A project like the Commanders could be tempting looking at the almost blank canvas he'll have to work with in addition to plenty of draft picks and salary-cap space.

The Wolverines are fully aware of the potential interest upcoming in Harbaugh. Reports suggest they are working on a five-year deal worth $11 million per season with a clause included to prevent him from leaving, so the Commanders or someone else needs to act quickly if this is their preferred target.