4 bold head coaching hires the Commanders could pursue in 2024

Could Josh Harris' ownership group go bold once Ron Rivera is gone?

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Commanders could pursue Mike Tomlin

After the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered their second-straight loss to a 2-10 team on Thursday Night Football, increased scrutiny is coming the way of Mike Tomlin. Widely regarded as one of the best head coaches of his generation, some around the media are speculating whether his time with the franchise has run its course despite never having a losing season.

This should put the Washington Commanders on high alert. The Steelers rarely remove head coaches unless it's necessary, but the situation is worth monitoring in the event Tomlin does become available.

Tomlin is exactly what the Commanders need. He is a player's coach. He knows what it takes to win. He is one of the best motivators around. He knows how to specifically plan for every opponent meticulously. He commands instant respect.

While this is a long shot, if there's even the slightest chance, it must be explored. Even if that means giving up draft capital via trade considering Tomlin is under contract, it shouldn't put the Commanders off.

Again, this is an intriguing job opportunity. Tomlin could see working for Josh Harris and Magic Johnson as the sort of environment he could thrive with things getting stale in Pittsburgh - especially if he gets the chance to become influential in the process of hiring a new general manager.

Tomlin becoming head coach is a pipedream all things considered. But stranger things have happened that's for sure.