4 bold Commanders predictions during the 2024 NFL Draft

Time to go bold...
Commanders fans at the NFL Draft
Commanders fans at the NFL Draft / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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It's been a long, often painstaking few months, but the time for speculation is almost at an end. The 2024 NFL Draft is upon us, which is an important one for the Washington Commanders in their quest to put the franchise in a better position to succeed moving forward.

Adam Peters has a big responsibility on his shoulders. He's fully aware of the steep task that awaits. Fortunately, the Commanders have left no stone unturned and gone through comprehensive assessments in pursuit of finding the right prospects across all seven rounds who can either help immediately or improve depth.

The Commanders have a fascinating few days ahead. Peters and head coach Dan Quinn left a good impression throughout the first few months in their respective roles. Navigating the draft successfully is another big piece of the puzzle, so they must make the most out of the team's rich assets.

It'll be one of the most dramatic drafts in recent memory with plenty of uncertainty at the top. With this in mind, here are four bold Commanders predictions during the showcase selection event.

Commanders bold 2024 NFL Draft predictions

Commanders trade up into Round No. 1

We'll cover this first because it hardly seems like a bold prediction anymore. Speculation is rampant about the Washington Commanders potentially going back into the first round for a franchise left tackle to go alongside their rookie quarterback. They have the capital to pull off such a move - whether they can find a willing suitor at the right price is another matter.

This might be Adam Peters' first draft as a general manager, but he's got experience as an influential figure within successful front offices around the league. He'll know how to play the board effectively and remain calm in the face of severe pressure. This should stand the Commanders in tremendous stead over the next three days.

There will be a run on offensive tackles at some stage in the first round. When that occurs remains to be seen, but Peters will be watching events closely and likely have some offers lined up with other teams beforehand. Striking with conviction is paramount if there is a consensus agreement between those in positions of power.