4 bombshell NFL Draft trade offers to get Commanders back into Round 1

Could the Commanders go bold during the 2024 NFL Draft?
Adam Peters
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Adam Peters is about to begin his first NFL Draft in the top chair. The Washington Commanders are counting on their new general manager to continue his impressive offseason by maximizing their nine selections - six of which are in the top 100. Trading established stars such as Montez Sweat and Chase Young was difficult, but it's why they are in such a promising position heading into the all-important selection process.

It's been an exhausting process centered primarily on which quarterback the Commanders will take at No. 2 overall. But there is growing speculation linking Peters with a daring trade back into the first round for a franchise left tackle capable of providing their rookie signal-caller with adequate blindside protection right out of the gate.

Peters will be watching events unfold closely. He's probably made a few calls beforehand to see which teams could be interested in moving back if the price is right. Fans should not think the hard work is done once their new quarterback comes to the stage.

Using the Fitzgerald-Spielberger draft value chart available via Over the Cap, we put together four trade possibilities with potentially interested parties that the Commanders could make in pursuit of getting back into the first round.

Commanders trade offer No. 1


Looking at the landscape, moving into the top 10 would be difficult. This would likely cost substantial capital this year and potentially next. Considering Adam Peters' intent to build through the draft, it might be a little rich for his blood.

However, one couldn't dismiss the possibility of trading into the teens if the right opportunity comes along. The Washington Commanders need to react quickly in this scenario, especially considering the expected run on the top-level offensive tackles at some stage. Peters cannot miss out, so having the package ready to go and striking with supreme conviction is critical.

In this scenario, the Seattle Seahawks look like they could be open for business. Peters has already dealt with them earlier this offseason with the Sam Howell trade, so the previous connection is there.

According to the value chart, the No. 16 overall pick is worth 1,595 points. The Commanders could offer the No. 36 pick (1,184 points), and the No. 139 overall selection (499 points) to get the deal done. It might take more when push comes to shove, but this seems like solid value to get a deal over the line.