3 reasons Commanders HC Ron Rivera will see out the 2023 season

Ron Rivera
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Although the eventual outcome seems inevitable, it would be surprising if Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera didn't see out the 2023 season.

Ron Rivera is living on borrowed time as Washington Commanders head coach. The writing was on the wall long before Josh Harris' ownership group bought the franchise from Dan Snyder, which was swiftly followed by another underwhelming campaign when higher standards were expected.

Rivera had his fourth straight losing season confirmed by Sunday's thumping against the Miami Dolphins. While the calls to remove him entirely from the equation immediately are deafening, it appears as if Harris is willing to see out the campaign before putting the former linebacker out of his misery.

This is a contentious topic among the fanbase. There's been almost no progression on the field, with Rivera's roster building also coming in for criticism to further lend weight to the claims he should be terminated.

Some might not like it, but here are three reasons why Rivera is going to see out the 2023 campaign before the inevitable occurs.

Nobody else can call the Commanders' defense

After Ron Rivera fired defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, he took it upon himself to take charge of the underperforming group. It didn't bring about immediate improvements, but that was always unrealistic when one considers how devastating the Miami Dolphins offense is under Mike McDaniel.

Had Josh Harris fired Rivera in-season, there would have been nobody who could legitimately take over defensive play-calling. Ryan Kerrigan perhaps? But that's asking a lot in difficult circumstances.

Keeping Rivera gives Washington an experienced defensive play-caller. But judging by Week 13's effort, most on that side of the football have already downed tools.