5 morale-sapping disappointments from the Commanders loss vs. Dolphins

It was an expected mauling in Week 13...

Tyreek Hill and Quan Martin
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What morale-sapping disappointments emerged from another embarrassing home loss for the Washington Commanders in Week 13?

Want to know how bad it was in the Washington Commanders' 45-15 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday? Terry McLaurin failed to record a catch for just the second time in his career - and that doesn’t make it onto my disappointments list.

The New England Patriots were shut out against the Los Angeles Chargers, but still managed to outgain the Commanders' offense - and that didn’t make my list. The New York Jets outgained Washington's offense, and even that didn’t make my list.

I didn’t find this game as disappointing as the Chicago Bears game or either divisional clash against the New York Giants because this outcome was so absurdly predictable. That is the theme of this week’s list - how absurdly predictable it all has become for this team.

I mean, one of the primary reasons we continue to watch live sports is that in an age where most “reality” is highly scripted, sports provide some excitement - some mystery. Or so we hope.

Not this team. Not this year. We could all see this coming from a mile away as another losing season was confirmed for outgoing head coach Ron Rivera - his fourth in succession since taking charge.

With that being said, here are five of many disappointments to emerge from Washington's latest beatdown at FedEx Field.