5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss vs. Bears in Week 5

There was a lot to unpack from this embarrassment.

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What were the huge disappointments to emerge from yet another torrid Washington Commanders' home loss against the Chicago Bears in Week 5?

The offense didn’t show up until half-time. The Washington Commanders' defense simply took the entire night off. And for the second straight week, the special teams took a game that was already on life support and yanked the plug right out of the wall.

In the end, the Commanders introduced Josh Harris' ownership group to the particular miseries of owning this NFL team. And on the primetime stage, no less.

Was the Commanders' 40-20 loss to the Chicago Bears the most disappointing game in coach Ron Rivera’s tenure? Before last night, I thought that dubious honor went to the second game against the New York Giants last season, when, coming off a bye playing at home against a team that had not won in over a month - and with the playoffs easily within their grasp - Washington laid a massive egg.

But that game was at least understandable. The Commanders have not played well against the Giants during Rivera’s tenure. They had been lucky to salvage a tie against the G-Men two weeks earlier. And Washington didn’t really play terribly in that game. They were just sloppy and essentially gave the contest away.

Against Chicago - a team that had not won an NFL game in almost a year the Commanders were simply dreadful across the board. They were thoroughly outplayed by a team that was traveling on an ultra-short week. By a team that entered the game severely hamstrung by injury and which proceeded to lose multiple key starters once the game began. By a team whose coach was rumored to be on the chopping block should they lose again.

In terms of disappointment, this blows that Giants’ game out of the water.

I’ll pick five major disappointments to emerge from this game, but any of us could easily pick 20. Or 30. Or… well, there seems to be no limit to the ways in which this particular team can disappoint its fans.