3 pros and cons of Commanders targeting Kirk Cousins in free agency

Could a reunion be on the cards?

Kirk Cousins
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Kirk Cousins would provide legitimacy

Signing Kirk Cousins won't be cheap even coming off such a significant injury. The veteran quarterback has made more than $200 million throughout his career through fully guaranteed contracts. It's likely his representatives would be looking for the same again from the Minnesota Vikings or another team that comes calling in free agency.

With $96 million available to spend in free agency according to Spotrac, the Washington Commanders have the financial means to make Cousins an enticing offer and still build other areas of their roster. More than a few teams will also covet the signal-caller, which could instigate a bidding war for his services when it's all said and done.

Adding Cousins to this new, ambitious project would immediately legitimize the proposals being outlined by head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Adam Peters. The Commanders have been viewed as a laughingstock by many around the league, leaving those with alternative options to go elsewhere. If they target the signal-caller and convince him to sign, it completely shifts the landscape.

This is dependent on where the Commanders see themselves in the short term. If they decide re-joining the contenders is going to take time, this doesn't look feasible. If they believe acquiring Cousins and others can speed up their rebuild, the prospect becomes more realistic.

The emotional ties from Cousins' perspective are obvious. It's been a constant stream of failed starters since his departure, but whether those in power are willing to make such a lofty dent in their available cash is another matter.