3 pros and cons of Commanders targeting Kirk Cousins in free agency

Could a reunion be on the cards?

Kirk Cousins
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Con No. 2

Commanders need a long-term solution

Adam Peters has made no secret of his desire to build through the draft and supplement through free agency. This is the more traditional method to roster construction - one the new general manager helped implement so successfully with the San Francisco 49ers in recent years.

While Peters hasn't ruled anything out, the Washington Commanders won't get a better chance to secure a potential franchise quarterback long-term via the 2024 NFL Draft. They have the No. 2 overall selection. Even if Caleb Williams goes first to the Chicago Bears as expected, it still leaves the franchise with a tempting choice between Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels.

This would also give Peters a rookie contract to build around in the coming years. It allows for veteran players to be kept around, the potential for big-name additions in free agency with proven production, and perhaps even a bold trade if the situation dictates.

Kirk Cousins is projected to command an annual salary of $39.38 million on a three-year, $118.15 million deal. This would leave a substantial dent in Washington's cap and increase the level of urgency to win now. Something that blighted previous regimes when Dan Snyder held absolute power.

Peters doesn't plan on picking No. 2 again. He wants the Commanders to start making strides forward and grow gradually on and off the field. Adding a veteran quarterback like Cousins doesn't fit into this ethos.