3 positives (and 2 concerns) from the Commanders' 2024 offseason

There's been a lot to unpack.
Adam Peters
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Positive No. 2

Commanders' improved collaboration

The dark cloud hanging over the Washington Commanders during Dan Snyder's ownership descended the franchise into chaos. It was a toxic environment on and off the field. There were no significant investments in the infrastructure or facilities. This saw a once-proud team become a laughingstock around the league.

Too many within the organization were either pandering to the reclusive billionaire or looking out for their interests. That's a dangerous combination in any form of employment, especially when the NFL stakes are so high.

Adam Peters' way of doing business was a breath of fresh air the Commanders needed. He's not come in to rule with an iron fist. Instead, the progressive thinker implemented a level of collaboration that hadn't been seen for decades.

Everyone's opinion matters. Everyone's hard work is acknowledged and respected. From the area scouts to the coaching assistants, this is a true collaborative effort that can propel the Commanders to brighter fortunes in the coming years.

Peters will have the final say on all the major roster decisions. He'll be the one to carry the can if things turn sour, but ensuring his staff is valued can only help. Especially after morale dropped to the point of despair under Snyder's watch.

This is a small part of the process. That said, the increased collaboration and improved professionalism have already made those across the NFL start to look at the Commanders differently.

Peters came into the organization with a glowing reputation having been an influential part of winning franchises previously. There's a long way to go, but fans believe this is the right guy to get Washington back to the league's top table sooner rather than later.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel special. To feel part of something you're giving your all for. That's what Peters has done a great job of implementing since taking charge.

Long may it continue.