3 positives (and 2 concerns) from the Commanders' 2024 offseason

There's been a lot to unpack.
Adam Peters
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Concern No. 1

Commanders cornerback options

Watching the Washington Commanders defense give up big plays frequently in 2023 became an ongoing frustration. The lack of pass-rush contributed heavily to their demise once Chase Young and Montez Sweat were traded, but the cornerbacks didn't look up to the required standard aside from Kendall Fuller.

Therein lies the problem.

Fuller is no longer around after he signed for the Miami Dolphins in free agency. The Commanders filled this void by bringing Michael Davis into the fold. While he has some nice qualities, it appears for all the smart money that this is a downgrade.

Fortunately, the inside coverage should progress accordingly after the Commanders spent a second-round selection on Mike Sainristil. Although listed at 5-foot-9, the slot corner was a dominant force for the Michigan Wolverines. He boasts the skill set needed to make a huge difference under the expert guidance of Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr.

Quinn and Whitt are renowned for bringing more out of their cornerbacks. This is a trend that must continue with the likes of Benjamin St-Juste and Emmanuel Forbes, who both enter crossroads campaigns that could legitimately go either way.

After a rookie campaign to forget, Forbes has a tremendous amount of work ahead. It doesn't appear as if the former Mississippi State star has put on much muscle mass throughout the offseason. Considering how overwhelmed he became physically in 2023, the Commanders might have a problem on their hands if the same occurs next time around.

St-Juste had some decent moments, but concentration with the football in the air proved to be his undoing on countless occasions. He's got the athletic profile to thrive in Quinn's expansive scheme, but the urgency is high for the player entering a contract year.

The Commanders could add to this unit before Week 1. If those in power go into the campaign with things as they stand, it's not hard to see where the complications could arise.