3 positives (and 2 concerns) from the Commanders' 2024 offseason

There's been a lot to unpack.
Adam Peters
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It's been a dramatic offseason for everyone associated with the Washington Commanders. Josh Harris' ownership group cleaned house and brought in people they believe can help turn the franchise around. The playing personnel also looks completely different after Adam Peters gutted the roster in pursuit of progression.

There's a lot to like about the way Washington went about its business. Peters deserves endless credit for raising standards and professionalism. This has re-energized the organization and optimism has increased exponentially in a relatively short space of time.

Proving it in a competitive setting is a different story. But for now, the Commanders look inspired and full of hope. If the right preparations are made throughout the summer, it would be a major disappointment if significant progress didn't arrive in some capacity.

With this in mind, here are three positives and two concerns from a highly eventful Commanders' 2024 offseason.

Positive No. 1

Commanders contract structures

Handing out lucrative contracts to veteran players who constantly underachieved became synonymous with Dan Snyder's two-decade reign of terror. The previous owner couldn't resist spending lavishly on big names - many of whom failed to deliver. This was not a mistake Adam Peters was going to make as part of his new strategic development plan.

The Washington Commanders turned over half their roster this offseason with the promise of more on the way. But thanks to Peters' shrewd financial management, the team remains in a strong position over the short and long term.

Contracts have been offered that finally put the team first. Players are still getting paid, but Washington's new business-first model keeps their options open with almost every new acquisition.

It's a method the San Francisco 49ers adopted initially during their rise to prominence. Peters was part of that successful operation, so he felt confident the same method could bear fruit in the nation's capital.

This went relatively unnoticed amid the widespread changes to the playing staff. However, it's an immensely positive shift in course. One that can benefit the Commanders greatly during what promises to be an exciting period with Peters at the helm.